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Relax and kick back while your stylist treats you to the perfect pampering experience...The Wash House Experience
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Men & Kids 

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 Custom Cut



 Mens Cut


 Just a Style



Kids Cut (12 & under) 


 Casual Style





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 Color Enhancement

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 First Time/Full Color



 Touch Up



 Partial Foil



 Full Foil



 Decolorizing/Corrective Color

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 Hair Treatments

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Moisturizing Treatment 
The "thirst quenching" treatment that hydrates stressed, dehydrated hair.



 Keritriplex Treatment 
Build your hair with inner strength, with a treatment that repairs, rebuilds and replenishes.
Treat your hair from the inside out.



 Keritriplex Series 
Make the commitment  for strong, healthy hair with the series of three professional treatments
Stretched out over a period of several months


Trishas' Prices
Hairstyling (relaxed hair) $40
⁃ blow dry & flat iron
⁃ Wraps
⁃ Roller sets
⁃ Formal styles $50 & up

Natural Hairstyling (includes deep moisture treatment)
⁃ silk press $45 & up
⁃ Rod set $55
⁃ Twist out $55
⁃ Corn rows ( no hair added) $45

⁃ starter locs $75&up
⁃ Locs retwist $50 & up

⁃ virgin relaxer $75&up
⁃ Relaxer retouch $55
⁃ WAVE NOUVEAU w/ trim $60
⁃ Exothermic Perm w/ trim $60
⁃ Keratin treatment $250

⁃ $15 & up

HAIR COLOR (hairstyle not included)
⁃ semi color rinse (last up to 6wks) $15
⁃ Demi color (deposit color, blends grey, enhance natural color) $25
⁃ Permanent color $40 & up
⁃ Highlights (price during consultation)

⁃ Dandruff treatment $15
⁃ 3 step protein conditioning treatment (breaking, damaged hair) $20

WEAVES (includes finish look)
⁃ sew in weaves $125 & up
⁃ Sew in take down $25
⁃ Quick weaves $75
⁃ Bond full head (bond between natural hair) $75

⁃ razor arch $7
⁃ Brow wax $15

⁃ brows $15
⁃ Lip $10
⁃ Chin $15 &up
⁃ Underarm $25

*There may be an increase in pricing due to extra thick and long hair

Rejuvenate Now offers 

NovaLash was founded in 2004 by biologist and cosmetic chemist, Sophy Merszei, as she pioneered the very first distribution and training network for eyelash extensions outside of Korea.  With the help of a team of physicians and scientists from the University of Houston and Baylor College of Medicine, NovaLash was able to produce and perfect the safest possible products and techniques and quickly became the world’s first global distributor of eyelash extension products.  NovaLash continues to be the leader in the field of eyelash extensions and is committed to providing safe, beautiful, flawless eyelash extensions to enhance any woman’s natural beauty.  Armed with considerable research and a commitment to product superiority, NovaLash has developed award-winning adhesives and cosmetics including Platinum Bond Adhesive and LashLiner.