Introducing Streetsboro's First & Only Wax Bar!
...Taking the Spa experience to the next level!

 Facial Waxing
Eyebrow Beginnings                                                        $25/$20
    (never before sculpt or overgrown brows)
Eyebrow Basics (touch ups)                                             $15/$18
"Lip-tini" (lip wax)                                                          $15
"Cha-chini" (chin wax)                                                      $15
Make It a Cocktail (eye, lip, and chin combo)                   $40
The nose-"Knows" (nose wax)                                            $10/$15
Give me a round" (full face)                                              $55
"Stop @ the Strip"  (cheeks & side of face)                       $25

Upper Level Wax:
Notice the Neck                                             $20
"Center of Attention" (chest or back)                $55
"Hide-a-way Bay" (underarm)                       $30/$40
"Abs" -on the Rocks (abdominal)                    $25+

Lower Level Wax:
"Bling"-kini (Bikini)                                $40
X-tra Bling-kini  (extended bikini)         $60
Brazilian wax (full removal)               $85

Royal Extensions:
Partial Service Arm Wax                            $30
Full Service Arm Wax                                $45
Hand & Finger                                          $15
Partial service Leg                                     $45
Full Service leg Wax                                 $65
Tootsie's                                                    $15

Let's talk about waxing...
Whether you are going with a bikini wax or just touching up the eyebrows, its important you choose an experienced professional at a reputable establishment for all your hair removal needs. Why would you trust your skin to just anyone? Rejuvenate Salon & Spa is Streetsboros first & only wax bar. We use R.I.C.A. wax from Italy- known for its natural ingredients and commitment to the enviroment.
Why R.I.C.A.?
*Superior hair removal without irritation & allergens
*Moisturizing & Nourishing
*Easy Application
*Gentle on Skin

Q: How Long do I let my hair grow?
A: You should let the hair grow approx. 2 weeks after shaving to get a good wax. This should be about half inch. But the longer the better! The more follicle (root) we pull, the cleaner the wax, the longer it will last.

Q: Does it Hurt?
A: Waxing hurts more the first time than any other because you are pulling 100% of the hair, your nerves are on edge & you dont know what to expect. You may experience a quick, temporary sting that'll stop hurting right away, follow all the tips we recommend & the 2nd time will be much easier!
*We recommend avoiding caffeine & try scheduling around your menstrual cycle, both may make you more sensitive.

Q: Can Medication affect Waxing?
A: Yes- You cannot be waxed while on Antibiotics, Accutane, Differin, or Retin A. Any additional medication that lists "sun sensitive" may affect waxing.
Also avoid waxing while using Glycolic Acid, harsh exfoliants or Facial Peels