Gratuity, Booking


As per our spa policy (under policies and etiquette), tips will only be automatically taken out with 3 or more persons in your party. With individual services it is at your discretion. Keep in mind that our technicians work on commission and are highly trained to provide the utmost relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. So if a service was provided for you a standard tip would be 20% of the full priced service. If you have received your service at a discounted price or as a gift on a gift certificate, please tip according to the full price services, as the technician is still providing the highest quality on all services provided. The gift certificate covers the service, but the tip is not included on the certificate.  If you were at anytime dissatisfied with your service please speak with a manager to get the problem rectified. Here at Rejuvenate we try to keep a balance between the client and the technician, bringing very high quality spa services to the area at a very reasonable price, but to ensure that we keep these prices, tipping is essential to keep highly qualified technicians that will perform these services and work at our establishment. So please understand that any gratuity is GREATLY appreciated.

Booking and Cancellations

As per our spa policy (under policies and etiquette) individual services do not require  a deposit. To keep this policy in place, and for the convenience of other clients as well as our technicians, we ask that if you need to cancel an appointment you give a 24 hour notice allowing your technician time to try and fill that spot in their appointment book. Remembering that their paycheck relies on a full book, try to give your technician that respect and consideration.